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We offer a range of products for clients who are in the process of planning and building their homes and commercial spaces. From renderings to construction sets, we can help you define your vision and bring it to life.

Fees for Portolio Plans

Under 2000 Square Feet $1,000.00
2001 to 3000 Square Feet $1,100.00
3001 to 4000 Square Feet $1,200.00
4001 to 5000 Square Feet $1,400.00
Over 5000 Square Feet $1,600.00

Each Package Set Includes: Construction drawings include ¼” front elevation, ¼” side and rear elevations, ¼” floor plan, ¼” foundation plan or perimeter plan for future I-Joist layout, ¼” roof plan and a typical wall selection. Each purchased plan set includes six sets of working drawings.

*Each additional set is $20.00. Structural, plumbing, and/or electrical plans are not included. Note: We do not engineer!

Product Options

  • Reverse plans are available upon request; please call for pricing. All our house plans are drawn to reflect the layout as rendered. The reversed construction drawings are provided in reverse from the layout as shown on the website.
  • Study Sets are available at $100.00 a set. The study set fee will be credited back if the complete package set is purchased within six months. The study plans will be stamped Not for Construction and will contain just floor plans and elevation. Purchasing a study set does not give you the license to build the home.
  • Renderings are available for $75.00 additional fee. This is not credited back. We have high resolution digital black and white and color renderings of each house available for sales literature and other marketing purposes, job signs, etc.

Purchase Policy

The Design House at Lumina greatly appreciates your business. Once you purchase a house plan online, we work diligently to ship your product within 24 hours. Please be sure the house plans that you decide to order are the correct plans. Due to the nature of our product, we do not allow returns. All sales are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Building Integrity

Design House does not assume liability for deviation from or methods used in the construction of these house plans. All information must be reviewed and confirmed by contractor prior to commencement of construction. It is recommended that the owner or contractor hire the services of a qualified engineer to review the plan and details, and seal the plan as required for local building requirements. Structural calculations and component specifications must be determined by a qualified, licensed engineer. We do not accept structural liability for the plans offered.


Modifications to our stock house plans are available upon request. Please call for consultation & pricing.

Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy.


All information, plans, specifications and designs created by Design House are protected by copyright. Each plan purchased allows buyer a one-time license to build. It is unlawful for outside sources to reuse, or modify any information or plans unless agreed to in writing by Design House and purchaser. Building more than one home from a set of plans purchased from Design House is an infringement of copyright. Plans cannot be copied. If additional sets are required, contact Design House to purchase. Reprographics firms are prohibited from reproducing these plans. These plans may not be used by, transferred or resold to anyone other than the original purchaser.